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LeAnne Leslie’s School Of Theatrical Dance

Dance Season “2017 – 2018” ~ Rules, Regulations & Dress Code


KINDERDANCE - INTERMEDIATE CLASSES (Introduction to Ballet, Jazz, & Tap) – Leotards/Dancewear and tights of any color.  Assigned Dance shoes.  Hair up and no jewelry.

BALLET CLASSES (MISS SUZI & MISS LAUREN’S) - Solid black leotard, Theatrical or Ballet pink tights and proper Ballet and Pointe Shoes.  Hair must be up tight in a Bun.  Hairnets are a must for all ballet students.  NO COLORED SPORT BRAS (Black Only)!  NO PONYTAILS!  NO JEWELRY!

HIP HOP – Solid black hip-hop sneaker, jazz/hip-hop pants or dance shorts and fitted shirt.  Hair up and no jewelry. Pants may be sweatpants, but must be solid in color.  No Pajama bottoms.

DANCE BAG - All students should carry a dance bag to transport your properties (Dance shoes, dancewear, notebook, pencil, and hair supplies).  Please write your name inside your Dance shoes and personal properties.

ATTENDANCE - Attendance is very important here at the Studio. Students must try to attend all of their scheduled classes.  Choreography is always progressing and holds all other classmates back when the instructor spends class time re-teaching last week’s lessons.  Please be considerate to fellow classmates.  Students who are too ill to participate, or have a conflict, please call the studio so we will be aware of your absence.  (781) 592-4920.    

COMPANY MEMBERS AND COMPETITORS - You are not exempt from these rules; as a matter of fact you have only four excused absences.  Remember to use these only when needed.  As the school year comes to the end there seems to be so many reasons why we need more time off so let’s use them wisely!

PLACEMENT – All students are subject to change class level and time depending on their dance ability.  Each student must be at her/his own level to learn and improve properly.  All former students are subject to change class level and time depending on their personal growth.  Level, Ability, Effort, Attendance, and Attitude will be taken into consideration for each and every student.  Attention! Company & Ballet Students! Your level and class status may change. You will be notified (if needed) of your class/level change throughout the year at any time.

SNOW DAYS - In the event of inclement weather, please call the studio for further information.  One snow day is included in the tuition; all other cancellations will have a scheduled make-up.  WE DO NOT ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LYNN PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.  PLEASE CALL THE STUDIO FOR MORE INFORMATION.  (781) 592-4920.  Our Facebook page will have all updated announcements and events.

WAITING ROOM – NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN OUR WAITING AREAS.  No Street Shoes on our Dance Studio floors!  No Dance Shoes allowed outside.  Please change in and out of shoes in the waiting areas.

TUITION – There are (4) options to pay your dance tuition.  If you need to make other arrangements, please call the studio before September 1st. 
*Payments must be in the form of Cash or Check. We do not except Debit or credit cards.

     Option #1Pay in full to receive your 10% discount by August 15, 2017

     Option #2Pay in full to receive your 5% discount between August 16 and September 16, 2017

     Option #3Pay by semesters. Annual tuition divided by 3.  Due:  September 1, November 1, & February 1.

     Option #4: You may budget your child’s annual Dance tuition & costume deposits. Both will be added together &                            
divided by 8 months. (Due the first of every month, September – April).
There will be a 3% finance charge on all monthly “Payment Plans”.

          *A $10.00 late fee will be charged each month for any tuition payments that are 2 weeks overdue.
*A $20.00 fee will be charged for any checks that are returned for insufficient funds.



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*Please purchase proper Dance shoes.  Please state the Class Day & Time that your child is enrolled in before getting fitted.  On Your Toes Dancewear will not exchange dance shoes if they have been worn.  (You may still use your shoes from last year until you out grow them). You must present coupon to receive your “Back to School”10% off discount!




Don’t forget your 10% coupon for On Your Toes!  (PRINT from: www.LeanneLeslieDance.com or LeAnne Leslie School of Theatrical Dance facebook page).

Kinderdance -  Intermediate – Intro to Ballet, Jazz & Tap Classes

White Ballet (Bloch, full sole #205)
Tap - Caramel (SoDanca style #TA35/36)
Attire (girls)  – Leotard / Dancewear and tights of any color
Boy’sBlack shorts/dance pants with solid white t-shirt, and black Jazz & Tap  shoes.
Wednesday 4:00 class
Saturday 9:00, 9:15, & 10:00 classes

Tan - U - Buckle Tap (Bloch, style #302)
Tan Split Sole Jazz Shoe Boot (Bloch #DN981or #495)
Attire – Leotard and tights of any color and/or black dance pants/shorts and fitted shirt.
Boy’s – Black shorts/dance pants with solid white t-shirt, black Jazz, & Tap shoes.
Tuesday 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, & Junior I
Wednesday Junior II & 7:00 classes
Saturday 10:15, 11:00, 11:15 classes

Caramel Character Tap Heels  (SoDanca #TA55) – Color - Caramel
Tan Split Sole Jazz Shoe Boot  (Bloch #DN981 or #495)
Attire – Leotard and tights of any color and/or black jazz pants or shorts and fitted shirt.
Wednesday 8:00 class

Senior Companies
Tuesday 6:30 & 8:00 – Senior I & II - Jazz Shoes (Bloch DN981/495) Caramel and Black (2pr).
Tap Shoes (2pr) - Black Split Sole #388 & Caramel Character Heel (SoDanca #TA55)

Ballet – All Thursday Classes
Pink Ballet (Bloch, split sole #258)
Attire – Solid black leotard, pink tights, no skirts, or sweaters.  Hair must be up in a tight Ballet Bun with hair net!  PARENTS!!! PLEASE have your child prepared!  NO JEWELRY!!!  (1 stud earring in each ear only).
Boys – Black tights or shorts, dance belt and solid white T-shirt.  Block split sole #258 in black.

*Point ShoesThursday 7:00 class needs Pointe shoes in addition to Ballet slippers.  
All point shoe fittings are by appointment only. Call to schedule your appointment early!

Hip Hop Classes
Hip Hop - Pastry Brand – “Pop Tart Grid”- Black.
Attire – Jazz/hip-hop pants, sweatpants or shorts (solid color) and fitted shirt.


All Levels - Capezio Foot Undeez # H07 Nude or Danshuz ½ sole #6420 Tan
Attire – Black dance shorts, fitted camisole and Tan stir-up or footless tights. 

Creative Movement Age 2

Ballet Slippers - Girls - White (Bloch full Sole #205) – Leotard and Tights

                            Boys – Black (Bloch full sole #205) – Black shorts and white T-Shirt

Attire – Barefoot. Black dance shorts, fitted camisole/leotard and tan stir-up or footless tights.

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